Instagram declares war on twitter

I stand with Twitter will you? — Bianca Jagger

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing app, has disabled the feature that allows twitter to properly display its photos. In essence facebook is waging war on twitter using Instagram as its proxy.

I am at a complete loss why anyone would wish to use Instagram. All it does is turn good photos bad. I have yet to see one good photo after it has been bastardised by Instagram.

If you want to play around with pictures, then use photoshop or paintshop pro.

Since its acquisition by facebook, yet another reason not to use Instagram.

Facebook paid a ludicrous price for Instagram. An application that a couple of good software designers could knock out in a few days.

What facebook were paying for was the user base. If nothing else it shows what your personal information is worth to facebook.

And that is what this is about. Facebook wish to turn the internet into a facebook privately owned and controlled intranet. They want to know everything about you, not only what you are doing on facebook, but external to facebook.

Last month, Facebook proposed changes to its data-sharing rules that would allow the social network to use data collected by Instagram to “tell us information about you” and “improve the quality of ads.” The change will allow Facebook, which has more than a billion registered users, to build more complete profiles of its users – and target advertisements – using people’s personal data from its social network and from Instagram.

Never sign on to an application using facebook, as that gives facebook access to what you are doing. Always use personal ID and password.

It was very foolish of Paulo Coelho, someone who should know better, to change how wordpress-based blog, that no longer is it possible to comment by giving e-mail address, now have to comment via facebook. This immediately grants facebook to what you are doing external to facebook, who you are linked to. But worse, it grants a back door access to all your personal information on facebook (e-mail, place of work, friends, likes) to any malicious entity browsing the blog.

Paulo Coelho is not alone in opening a connection to facebook.

Pictures uploaded to facebook are not as secure as you may believe. Even if you have set high privacy settings, location and other information is available to third parties.

Never use facebook apps for the same reason. Delete all facebook apps, but not before ticking the box to delete data.

Instagram is breaking the way the net works. Social networks are just that, social and networks, Instagram is breaking the way they work. The intention being to force everyone to operate within the facebook walled garden.

There are superior alternatives to Instagram. Use twitpic, or failing that, upload pictures direct to twitter.

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5 Responses to “Instagram declares war on twitter”

  1. satora Says:

    keith …paulo just added a wordpress account login…but it does not work!!! This must be Suphi’s work…

  2. keithpp Says:

    Suphi needs to remove facebook connection as that is to violate all users.

    Paulo blog is a wordpress blog. It can be set so no need to leave e-mail address to post comments, which knocks that excuse on the head. Not that the excuse was valid in the first place, as no one other than Paulo and Suphi had access to the e-mail address. Whereas now, linked to facebook, any troll has access to whatever information is on facebook, which includes access to friends, activities; plus facebook has access to what is being done external to facebook, who connected to external to facebook. What makes this all the worse is that people trust the blog, post information they would not post elsewhere.

    Suphi is aware of all this, but sadly has failed to act.

  3. satora Says:

    Agree with you 100% on facebook…

    As to the blog…now it is just like facebook…one-liner replies.

    If this is what Paulo wants…there is not much we can do. The blog is dead…sad –yes …but true…

  4. keithpp Says:

    You can let Paulo and Suphi know what you think. Post thoughts on ‘comments on this blog’ using link above.

    Before Paulo blog changed to facebook comments, many people posted their thoughts why they thought it a very bad idea. They were ignored. As was I when I posted detailed comments why it was a bad idea. I have even contacted Paulo and Suphi, with details why this is a very bad idea.

    I warn people all the time, never, never link applications to facebook. If you are given the option, log in with facebook, always log in with ID and password. Never use facebook apps.

    There was then the abuse of e-mail accounts by facebook.

    Recently there has been the abuse of Instagram users, an attempt to change terms and condition that Instagram could do as it wished with photos, personal data, sell to advertisers. Then came the denial, even though violation of users was the normal businesses model for facebook.

    A few days ago, the facebook founder had the gall to complain family photos posted on facebook were made public by a third party, then had the gall to hector on digital etiquette.

    What facebook are trying to do is turn the entire internet into a facebook intranet.

    No one in their right mind links to facebook, not if they value personal privacy, values their friends.

    Facebook keep changing privacy settings. Each time they do this, information thought to be private (from previous privacy settings), is made public.

  5. keithpp Says:

    I note what you said about wordpress log in on Paulo blog not working. I tried, and can confirm wordpress log in does not work.

    But why should people have to have a wordpress account to make comments, any more than they have to have a facebook account?

    I am baffled why facebook is still there if need to log in via wordpress. Maybe it is either or.

    Probably like all the other kludges and work arounds which also did not work. All that is needed is to revert back to how the blog was.

    It is informative to look at how other blogs handle comments.

    To comment on NeverSeconds you need one of the accounts on the pull down menu (but do not have to log in). If I comment from wordpress, all I need to do is type keithpp for wordpress blog.

    which then appears as

    To comment on Steve Lawson blog all that is required is name, e-mail, web address (if you have one), ie as Paulo blog was before it was well and truly screwed up.

    As you say, many people are no longer commenting. People I know are not commenting because they dislike the facebook violation of personal privacy.

    The irony is that the change was allegedly made to protect personal privacy, when it has had the exact opposite effect. Before an e-mail address was entered on the blog (it was not made public). Now, all personal information on facebook is made public. Even the fact you are using facebook is a violation of privacy.

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