Put my child in temp foster care due to benefits sanction?!?

I am a single mother of one. I am unemployed, on the works programme and volunteer working with kids with disabilities once week.

During the last half term I missed my sign on appointment due to the break in my normal routine/human error. This has lead to a four week sanction ( 16/11 – 13/12) being imposed where I can’t receive job seekers allowance, housing benefit, council tax benefit or child tax credits nor a crisis loan.

I applied for a hardship payment that was granted 30th Nov (I care for my child and I am diagnosed with a mental health issue) but can’t be paid out until I sign on 13th Dec and money will be in account 18th December. I also appealed the sanction but was turned down.

Tonight is the 2nd night without gas and I have 3 pounds left on the emergency electric meter. The school run involves 2 buses and a 45 min journey and my oyster card ran out today.

The job centre advised that I contact social services who offered a twenty pound cash payment thay went on 2 daysworyh of bus pass (8.40), electricity (7 and the rest on dry food/toilet paper. That is all they can do unless I voluntarily put my daughter up for temporary foster care.

I also contacted Shelter who put me in touch with grant charities but the application process is between 4-8 weeks long. I left multiple messages with the Salvation army but have not heard back.

I don’t know where else to turn. My daughter is in my bed with her winter coat on and multiple blankets and the room temperature is now 8 degrees Celsius. I can’t sleep for feeling cold and worrying. I can’t get her to school tomorrow nor do we have enough food to make it past lunch.

I can’t believe that the price for a missed appointment is having to consider temp fostercare to ensure the wellbeing of my child when I have brought her up in house filled with love, respect and happiness. I am tee total, anti-drugs and non-smoker. I am a loving, engaged parent who really wants a career and come off benefits.

Please advise me on what to do and where to turn to. I can’t give away my child. I don’t want to and I should not have to.

This tragic story was originally posted on Mum’s net by a very desperate single mother.

Skipping through the comments, most people are shocked.

I am not shocked, appalled yes, but not shocked. This is typical of the bastardisation of the unemployed by sick bastards who work in Job Centres who take a sick pleasure in putting the boot into those worse off than themselves.

Is the story true, or is it someone seeking sympathy or a con artist looking to exploit others? It is almost irrelevant whether true or not. This is how unemployed, disabled are being treated.

We have sick people, people who are at death’s door, who have just come out of intensive surgery, being told by Atos they are fit for work and being stripped of benefits.

We had George Osborne blatantly lie in his Autumn statement that disabled would be no worse off. A lie that has been exposed by disability action groups.

What a position to be put in, do I hand my child over to Social Services?

The answer to that must be a categoric no. They employ the same bastards, the same mindset, as Job Centres. The last thing this mother needs is Social Services poking their unwanted noses into her affairs and being deemed unfit as a mother.

A lot of dumb advice has been given on Mum’s net. For example sell all your possessions to raise some money.

When sanctioned, you can immediately be put on another benefit, Hardship Allowance (?), it pays 2/3 of Job Seekers Allowance, but has to be applied for, and with all the changes, maybe no longer exists.

You can apply for an emergency payment. This is a loan not a grant, and has to be paid back.

She is still entitled to Housing Benefit and Council Tax. It automatically stops when Jobseekers Allowance is stopped. It is paid on the basis of minimum income. Clearly if income has dropped to zero, that criteria is met. She must appeal.

The press is a two-edged sword. They may be sympathetic, but just as likely to label her as a scrounger.

During the Autumn Statement, smug bastard Osborne let the mask slip when he spoke of unemployed being too lazy to get out of bed in the morning.

She must talk to her Member of Parliament. Even if not sympathetic, these idiots must be made aware of the impact of their actions.

She must appeal the sanction. This does not help in the short term, but it will get her benefits reinstated.

Free bus pass? I would not have thought she is entitled. It goes to over 60s and those on disability benefits. If Atos decide you are fit for work, you not only lose your benefits, you also lose your bus pass, thus lose your mobility.

For everyone, with benefits frozen for three years, times are going to be very tough. Everyone on benefits were already struggling as the money received has not kept pace with non-discretionary payments such as food and fuel, which have risen much faster than inflation, leaving many with the choice of eat or heat.

Tomorrow (Saturday 8 December 2012) Starbucks is to be occupied. This is in protest at cuts and the failure of Starbucks to pay their fair share of tax. She must join that occupation. At the very least she will be warm, and hopefully she will meet people who will be able to help her.

Mum’s net is a very powerful social network. They must fight these cuts in benefits.

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One Response to “Put my child in temp foster care due to benefits sanction?!?”

  1. Arnold Gythrington Says:

    I am a foster carer and so is my wife, We have our own children and we lost our main breadwinner (me) and now I am out of work but I have always been a registered foster carer.
    I now spend more time with the children we “Look after” and I can assure anyone we are not of the mid set of jobcentre staff who are under orders to sanction to meet the targets ( Ian Duncan Smith says not yet this is well known and mentioned by many whistle blowers ).
    I have been informed that I can not work even though I have worked for 40 years as I am a foster carer so now I am paid Income support.
    We meet many parents in your position but your priority must always be your children.
    We have looked after children who have been dumped at local social services as mum and dad have went on holiday, but I have to say that we are now inundated with children coming into carer due to the cuts and the bedroom tax.
    It is strange that £14 a week for a single room can equate to a loss of £500 per week for the tax payer if the child becomes looked after 9this is the cost of admin, and feeding and clothing a child and wages for staff.
    We receive around £132 a week for a baby to be looked after by ourselves and we are very cost effective than private care of £500 per week and the admin costs mentioned.
    What you are seeing in the UK is economic cleansing and a return to the poor law of long ago and yet as a nation we send millions of pounds to many nations that say they need it ?.
    Asylum seekers with one child can claim around £150 per week and have free rent and heating and lighting and free phone calls to the nation they came from originally.

    It is the system we have and the media (Channel 4 and 5 ) who portray people with little or no income as slugs and any one with a disability is seen as a scrounger or faking the illness/disability and so attacks have gone up by 4.000% on the disabled and infirm.

    I am not a conservative voter or a labour voter but in 2015 I will vote labour to try and remove the current coalition (Tory and wets) but what they have done with the unemployed is not new and they use words like ” hard working family’s” and “hand up not a hand out” as they have all been used in the last centaury by a man called Adolf Hitler who marginalised the infirm and the minority groups then gassed them but Ian Duncan smith wants the sick to drop dead on a work program and so some have done so, some have walked into the path of a lorry, some hanged themselves, he is indeed a nasty man.

    The idea I have though may sound a bit strange but worth considering, ask your local social services for help as to take your child into care (section 20) voluntary carer the cost will be around £150 depending on age and local authority in your area and ask them to give you the £150 a week to keep your child out of the care system and you will then be saving £350 a week of the taxpayers money.

    We at the moment have to many children in carer and not enough foster carers and many have issues that are deep and long and to have a child in care simply because you can not make ends meet is not right in the 21st centaury England we all live in yet it is starting to feel like the early 1980s once more.

    To close I ask you all to consider who is making the most from the benefits system ? it is not the out of work people but it is pensions that account for 75% of the total spend but I assume the Tories have a plan to freeze them to death over 5 winters as I simply can not put anything past them.
    8 of the current cabinet have large portfolios that own large company’s that own thousands upon thousands of homes in the private rented sector that is I feel why rent capping the charges was never an idea they will have liked or supported.

    Who needs Islamic terror groups in the UK ? as the conservative policy’s themselves are making the English folks angry and may even turn into a home grown activists seeking recompense, all this in the UK in 2014 it is quite a scary place

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