Lunch at Debenhams

lunch at Debenhams

lunch at Debenhams

To say lunch at Debenhams was disgusting would be an understatement. A pity as it is usually very good.

I looked in on my way to the farmers market in the High Street in Guildford. Only turkey. I was looking forward to the roast pork I had last week. I hope it is not going to be turkey every day until Christmas.

I returned later, but wished I had not. I should have gone to the Thai restaurant top of the High Street in Jeffies Passage or carried on over the Bridge and to the Keystone behind St Nicolas Church.

No turkey left, only a scraggly bit of chicken. They tried to charge me for a roast dinner. I said no way. They knocked a pound off.

It was then find a clean table. The restaurant was all but deserted, and yet empty tables were piled up with dirty dishes, the few tables that were not, were dirty, food on the floor. Eventually I settled for the least dirty table. Other customers were having to clear away the dirty dishes.

I contrast this with last week. Very busy, only one lady clearing the tables, and yet, no sooner was a table vacated she was over, clearing it and cleaning it. I complimented her on a job well done.

The chicken had seen better days, the carrots were cold, the other vegetables barely warm.

I should have asked for the store manager. I regret I did not.

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