NeverSeconds only found in one bookshop!

 Martha reading NeverSeconds

Martha reading NeverSeconds

Martha with her book NeverSeconds

Martha with her book NeverSeconds

After three weeks of trying I have finally found NeverSeconds in one bookshop!

I found it on Tuesday in Waterstone’s in Guildford. They had one copy! I displayed it on the shelf. It was still there on Friday.

Does this mean NeverSeconds is now readily available, not that one copy in one bookshop counts as readily available?

I thought I would inquire today in Farnham on a cold winter afternoon.

WHSmith not a clue NeverSeconds, cannot even find on their system.

Waterstone’s no idea NeverSeconds. The system says we have one. No idea where it is. We only stock one. If we sell it, we will order another one.

Waterstone’s did at least have a special anniversary edition of The Pilgrimage on display on the shelf.

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