Farnham Art Society Art Exhibition

Farnham Art Society exhibion

Farnham Art Society exhibion

Liberty - Belinda Cave

Liberty – Belinda Cave

Farnham Art Society has taken over an empty shop in Lion and Lamb Courtyard in Farnham until a few days before Christmas.

It was a grave disappointment and not worth the effort of a visit. Probably explains why it was empty.

When are artists going to learn presentational skills? You can not see a painting when obscured by glass and light reflecting off the glass. Artists of all people should know this. Not helped by poor quality lighting. Too many paintings crammed into the wall space. But for what was on show, it probably does not matter.

In one of the windows, an interesting reclining figure. Only you cannot see it from outside, due to a painting being in the way. From the inside, it is denied natural light, by the painting blocking the window. I was going to ask, could the painting be moved, but I found those manning the exhibition to be not very friendly and I thought if they cannot see the obvious, who am I to ask.

On the way out I noticed what looked like a saucer with blood flowing into the centre (a severed finger would have added to the effect) and a small soup bowl (it was supposed to be a cup).

The paintings change. It may improve. It could of course get worse.

Not only lacking presentational skills. No mention of this art exhibition on their website!

Far better artwork can be found in The Barn when they hold an exhibition.

Or travel further afield to Guildford, but definitely not worth a trip to Farnham on a cold winter afternoon.

Top Story in ARTbeat (Sunday 2 December 2012).

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7 Responses to “Farnham Art Society Art Exhibition”

  1. Farnham Art Society Says:

    What an unpleasant man you are, and obviously wanting to drag everyone to Guildford – your bias shows.
    Farnham Art Society @ The Lion & Lamb is a pop up shop, hastily initiated by its very nature. Fortunately not everyone is like you as proved by the footfall and percentage sales, already over £6000 in a week.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Unbelievable childish comments by Farnham Art Society. The level of scraping the gutter usually posted by moronic trolls. Members need to question, is this the image they wish to see publicly portrayed?

    High footfall. On the couple of times I have passed by and looked in, not true.

    Sales means nothing, fools and their money easily parted and all that.

    Honesty not valued. Sycophantic praise, and would be happy.

    Not trying to drag anyone anywhere. Yet another childish comment.

    I have highlighted where art worth making an effort to see. The Barn is in Farnham!

    This week Urban observation exhibition opened in The Barn.

    It is always worth reading and comprehending what has been written, before posting childish and abusive troll-like comments that simply opens you up to ridicule.

    Guildford House, and yes it is in Guildford, often has art exhibitions well worth a visit.


    As does Guildford Library, and yes, it too is in Guildford.


    Travel further afield to Puerto de la Cruz and one is spoilt for choice.



    The unbelievable audacity of these places to dare to mount art exhibitions!

  3. Marios Panteli Says:

    Hi Keith.Thanks for mentioning the Barn in your comments.
    I hope your other commenst about the exhibition are taken as feedback and help improve the arts trail in Farnham in general…….
    However i have to say that Pop up shops are a difficult one to get right because they are temporary by default so one has to work with the available space without alterations.They are at least keeping it open and art on display even though the space might not be ideal.
    Anyway .peace for the festive season and more art in town !!!!!!

  4. keithpp Says:

    My pleasure to mention The Barn, as always worth a visit when in Farnham.

    I agree, making use of an otherwise empty shop is a great idea.

    They have put in temporary walls. The problem is the lighting (over which they probably have no control) and overcrowding (of which they do have control) and poor presentation (over which they do have control).

    Members of the Farnham Art Societys need to seriously question this type of garbage posted in their name, as it is not doing them any favours. This site operates zero tolerance to trolls. Garbage like this usually gets marked as spam. Nor would I lower myself to comment. The only reason it was let through was to show what fools they are making of themselves.

    They need to get out and about a bit more. They were not even aware of The Barn or that it is available as an exhibition space!

  5. keithpp Says:

    The Barn, warm and friendly atmosphere, excellent soup.

    Guildford House, helpful and friendly tourist information, downstairs a lovely little tea shop.

  6. keithpp Says:

    Excellent Bob Dylan exhibition at a little art gallery top of the High Street in Guildford.


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