Cold winter afternoon in Farnham

Farnham Art Society exhibition in Lion and Lamb Courtyard

Farnham Art Society exhibition in Lion and Lamb Courtyard

The buses are running on time and have been for the last few weeks. Let us hope it remains that way.

Bus to Aldershot, bus to Farnham. No problems, no delays.

This morning the second successive morning of hard frost. Cold in Farnham.

Last week eight Paulo Coelho books in Oxfam book cum music shop. This week six, I think I picked up five. I also found a lovely illustrated book from the archives of English Heritage of holidays from days gone by, a stroll along the Prom and Pier, donkey rides on the beach.

Bookshop was very busy, as was Farnham. Though Farnham was not as busy as a couple of weeks ago, when it was as though the last few shopping days before Christmas.

WHSmith not a clue NeverSeconds, cannot even find on the system

Cook was quiet, probably because no special offers this weekend. Without the special offers Cook is expensive, and even with special offers not cheap.

Lion and Lamb Courtyard very crowded.

The Art Exhibition by Farnham Art Society a grave disappointment. Probably explains why empty.

Waterstone’s. No idea NeverSeconds. The system says we have one. No idea where it is. We only stock one. If we sell it, we will order another one.

Something I did not realise, Paulo Coelho has a special anniversary edition of The Pilgrimage. This was on display on the shelf in Waterstone’s.

So far I have found only one bookshop with one copy of NeverSeconds.

Excellent spicy winter vegetable soup in The Barn, though different to last week. They have taken note of my suggestion and now have a poster at the entrance (well actually written on an old vinyl record) saying what soup is available.

Almost missed the bus. It was waiting at the bus stop.

Only a few minutes wait at Aldershot.

Now very cold, possibly freezing.


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