Afternoon Godalming evening Guildford

River Wey Godalming

River Wey Godalming in flood

It was to be a busy day, though not quite as busy as expected.

A miserable cold wet day. Raining all day, then when it did stop, it turned cold.

At Godalming River Wey running high and very fast. I do not think I would risk walking across the narrow wooden bridge, could easily be swept away.

The Christmas Tree Festival in the Parish Church was a disappointment. The trees looked lost in the church. Two years ago at St Mark’s Christmas Tree Festival it was like walking into a forest. The individual trees were well decorated, the problem was they were too small to give the right effect.

Until two years ago, I had never heard of let alone come across a Christmas Tree Festival. This is my only second. Slowly, slowly, the idea is catching on.

Lunch at Cafe Mila was quiet. Steve is keen to sell NeverSeconds if Cargo Publishing give him a good deal.

WHSmith Godalming: No NeverSeconds, cannot find on their system. Tried on another system, found 500 in a warehouse, but that works out at less than one copy per shop.

It is worth holding off purchase of NeverSeconds or any book until 2 December. Currently they have vouchers which give 20% off any book, even books on special offer, from 2 December. This would make NeverSeconds cheaper than buying off Amazon. And remember Amazon are tax dodgers.

Waterstone’s Godalming: Is NeverSeconds by Paulo Coelho? None in stock did have one, we sold it. One on order. I suggested they may care to order more, put on display. Helpful guy checked system, lots in Scotland, one in Guildford.

Godalming has a shop up a side street, baskets outside, bags and luggage inside, and at the rear of the shop books. A lovely man runs the shop. If I pass by, I always suggest books. I suggested NeverSeconds and Remagining Discipleship. I also suggested that as Robert Cotton was local, he may be willing to do a book signing.

Bus to Guildford.

I had intended to get to Guildford late afternoon, but not this late, it was now 5-30. I had intended to visit an art exhibition, Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan. I will leave for another day.

Waterstone’s Guildford: Yes, we have NeverSeconds, it is in Biography. I spotted it before the girl did. But only one. I suggested they got more in and put on display.

On display Aleph. Only one year after publication, but I guess better late than never.

Looked in Starbucks. They knew nothing about being occupied on 8 December.

Dinner at The Keystone. Excellent.

I did wonder early home, but had said I would stay for Eden People at The Keystone. I was there until gone closing time, nearly six hour in the pub.

Luckily a lift home, not long before midnight.

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