Westgate revisited one month on

One month since the ghastly Westgate development opened, the final death blow to Aldershot town centre.

Morrisons cafe: Big breakfast, no egg, toast instead, find a clean table, food on the floor, felt sick afterwards.

Useless security guard who last week stood idly by and let watch a fight take place, has not been fired. Talking to one of the check out staff she said he stood idly by did nothing had not a clue what to do.

Store almost empty. Not busy as the first week, the only week it has been busy.

Still no signs directing from Westgate into the town centre.

At the top end of Union street, blocked off, no street lights, steps to the side hidden in the dark. I nearly fell down them, and I knew they were there, having almost fallen down them last Thursday. Someone is going to take a nasty tumble. If they do, I hope they sue the Council.

Looking down Union Street dead, I could count on one hand the number of people, OK two hands, but no more than that.

WHSmith: No NeverSeconds</em>, not a clue what it was, not even showing on their system!

A cold wet miserable day.

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