How to dodge tax and launder money

So it’s £26 000 to get a sham director + set up a secret offshore company for all your tax avoiding and money laundering needs. — UK Uncut

Want to squirrel away your money out of sight of the tax man? Tax dodging, tax avoiding, tax evasions, bribery, money laundering? No problem. There are plenty of companies only too willing to help, no questions asked. They will set up front companies, nominee directors who have no idea what they are director of, not even any idea of what they have signed as their signature comes courtesy of quite literally a rubber stamp.

BBC Panorama set out to investigate.

The first company they set out to investigate was Turner Little, Third Floor, Regency House, York. Six million pounds in a Swiss bank account, that has got to be moved fast, as the Swiss are about to rat on tax dodgers and pass their grubby financial details to tax authorities in the UK. James Turner is the company boss. Only too willing to help, that is what they are there for. For £26k James Turner will move your £6 million to an offshore company in Belize. A bargain!

The joke is if you refer a client to Turner Little you get a £10 incentive payment!

In Belize a network of nominee directors who will happily front your company for you. But better still, set up your company in Panama not Belize as the chance of your tax dodge being discovered is as likely as winning the lottery.

Need to launder dirty money? Absolutely no problem. There are companies only too happy to tailor a package to suit your needs.

HMRC has yet to prosecute a single dodgy company offering money laundering and tax dodging services.

Don’t get angry, take action, Occupy! And do not forget, bring your own coffee!

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