Cold wet afternoon in Farnham

Raining all day. I thought it might stop, but did not.

I set off to Farnham later than I meant to, hoping it might stop raining. It did not, but at least it eased off a little.

Oxfam bookshop cum music shop, eight Paulo Coelho books. They would only have got wet. I left them on the shelves.

I told the girl behind the counter that The Way of the Bow was available for download as a free audio book, limited to 200 per month, but always free to listen on-line, share with friends.

I told her of the quest for NeverSeconds. She said Waterstone’s was useless. She was unable to find the plays she wanted. Assuming she was doing A Level English literature, hardly likely to be seeking obscure plays, but even if she was, why not in stock? When I was a student, the local bookshops would know what were the set books and have them in stock.

WHSmith: Not a clue NeverSeconds, could not even find on the system. Girl asked someone else: Do you know what is NeverSeconds? She snapped back no! I asked her who it was? The girl replied her manager.

Cook was not very busy. Surprising as 20% discount and when 15% a couple of weeks ago very busy. I was asked did I have a card? I said no, I had one and it was at home. Besides, I had an e-mail yesterday saying 20% off, why therefore do I need a card, an e-mail does not give a card?

An art exhibition in Lion and Lamb Courtyard, in a pop-up shop.

I have often wondered, what is a pop-up shop? One has visions of a cardboard cut out of a shop popping up. What it is is where an empty shop is taken over for short period. A good idea, as empty shops are brought back to life. A local art society had the shop rent free for a month in the run up to Christmas.

Waterstone’s: Not a clue what NeverSeconds was. None in store, one on order. I asked did the Kindle tablet force you to watch commercials unless you paid extra, block access to websites, such as youtube? I should not think so. In other words, do not know. Their so-called Kindle expert came over. Yes did need to pay extra to not receive advertisements, no it did not restrict access (probably did not know). I should have asked proprietary format, books wiped off Kindle on a whim, to see what answer I got.

How do bookshops survive when they know nothing about books and lack any business sense?

In Waitrose, sausages are still being priced individually. No one knows why. I had three sausages weighed. It is as I suspected, the price per kilo far exceeds their otherwise most expensive sausages, but customers are denied the ability to do a price comparison.

Girl slicing Wiltshire ham was making a pig’s ear of it. I asked her to ask a butcher, not the other kids on the counter, to show her how to slice ham, and to use a sharp knife. I could see her slicing her fingers or her hands.

I popped into Starbucks, asked what arrangements they had in place for a crèche on 8 December 2012? She had not a clue what I was talking about. I suggested she did a search on the net. She was obviously unaware of the occupation of Starbucks on 8 December for tax dodging.

Excellent soup in The Barn, winter vegetable. I am pleased they have taken up my suggestion to serve soup. I suggested that on their board by the street they chalked up what soup, not fresh soup.

I popped in The Barn as it was raining, and I hoped when I left it may have eased off. It was worse.

Luckily the bus was on time.


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