The Quest for NeverSeconds continues with libraries

No joy with bookshops, today I thought try libraries.

Aldershot Library, a senior librarian.

NeverSeconds please.

She had not a clue what I was asking for.

No we do not have a copy, there is not a single copy in any library in the county, and no, there are no copies on order.

I suggested that an order was placed to give every library in the county a copy.

She suggested I might like to try Borders in London. Borders went bust end of 2009!

NeverSeconds, the story of Martha Payne and her food blog NeverSeconds, as told by Martha and her father David Payne, is currenty selling 300 copies a day, published exactly one week ago, is already on its second print run.

Every copy of NeverSeconds which is sold provides 25 school dinners for children in Malawi through a donation to Mary’s Meals.

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One Response to “The Quest for NeverSeconds continues with libraries”

  1. keithpp Says:

    An afternoon in Guildford. After lunch I decided to check out the libraries for NeverSeconds.

    The Guildford Institute Library is a Victorian Library. They trust my recommendations and usually buy in what I suggest. I recommended Reimagining Discipleship and NeverSeconds.

    I got a very positive response in Guildford Library. I spoke with a senior librarian. Although he had not heard of NeverSeconds, he agreed it was a book they must have in, and said he would be talking to Surrey to order copies for their libraries. Something Cargo Publishing need to follow up.

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