Wimbledon then Putney

Last week I found my way to Wimbledon for Petrushka, this week Wimbledon then Putney for Il Siglo d’Oro.

At least that was the plan, but change of plan, it was raining hard and had been all morning.

I called a taxi. Had I walked to the station or caught a bus, I would have been soaked.

Taxi arrived, it had stopped raining, but it meant I caught the fast train to London, and it could have started raining again.

At the station, airport level security, half a dozen police. Not something I have seen at a station before.

Before I got to London, more heavy rain.

Tube to Leicester Square, walk along Charing Cross Road, visit the bookshops, the Quest for Neverseconds continues.

Early dinner at Food for Thought. As I was leaving, it was starting to get busy.

Tube from Covent Garden to Putney with change at Earls Court. Walk to St Paul’s Church for Il Siglo d’Oro.

On my way to the station, I saw a bus, hopped on, but it was only one stop.

Tube to Wimbledon, then train, then change for another train, then bus.

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