Wet afternoon in Godalming and Haslemere

Train to Guildford, train to Godalming.

Wet and raining all day.

On the Gatwick train, speaking to a lady reading The Book Thief.

A good book. Yes. Given it by a friend, will the pass on. I suggested register on Book Crossing.

I do not know why, conversation turned to Waterstone’s. She was scathing about Waterstone’s, staff who know nothing about books. I saw no reason to differ. I told her of the NeverSeconds fiasco, and that it was not a one off, same thing last year with Aleph.

I popped in the Parish Church, lit a candle for Gaza. Had a chat with man who was getting the church ready for a Christmas tree festival. I said I went to one a couple of years ago. He said there was a growing popularity. I offered to drop a poster and flyer to Café Mila.

Lunch at Café Mila. I had a chat with Steve, he has agreed to sell copies of NeverSeconds, which is great. If the bookshops cannot get their act together, then let’s find alternative outlets for NeverSeconds. I am not sure why, but tea and cake was on the house.

Waterstone’s. Did they have NeverSeconds? No. They did not even know what it was. Is it a book. No, it is a Harley-Davidson bike! I know it is stretching the point to call Waterstone’s a bookshop, but it is reasonable to assume I am asking for a book.

No joy in WHSmith either.

I then decide to hop on the bus to Haslemere, by now heavy rain, and try the indie bookshop.

Plan was catch the 71 bus, hop off, then catch then following bus, which changes to the 19 to Aldershot

Bus only a couple of minutes late, only it is the 70. Change of plan, hop on the 70 bus, which goes a more direct route, missing out the villages, then catch the 71/19 which was running late.

Bus stops opposite Haslemere Bookshop. I ask. They have not got a clue what I am asking for. I got the same response last year when I asked for Aleph.

I walk to bus stop. Not sure if I have missed or not, lady at stop says not. 71 bus turns up 20-30 minutes late, changes to 19 bus.

At Aldershot, not long to wait for next bus.

A round trip of three counties: Surrey, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire.

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