Autumn afternoon in Farnham

Bus, then bus to Farnham. Miracles will never cease. Buses on time.

Passing through Aldershot, stalls on the street. What was going on no idea, as no publicity during the week, and it was not pulling the punters in as not many people on the street.

Quite late in Farnham, already starting to get dark. Although not as many people on the street as last week, many more than Aldershot.

There are usually two very pleasant girls in the Oxfam bookshop cum music shop. Only one today, she said her friend had left early. I managed to pick up Brida. Not having heard of Paulo Coelho, I told her a must read, to look out for his books.

There is always a pleasant atmosphere in this bookshop and unlike the Guildford Oxfam bookshop they do not rip people off. It probably explains why it is always busy. I was chatting with a lady who said she thought it a joke to consider Waterstone’s a bookshop. She said she preferred books not e-books, her husband downloaded free e-books, but used Kobo because unlike Kindle, it used ePub an open source format not a propriety format for e-books. I suggested she tell her husband to use Calibre to manage his e-books, but as he already had a software package, maybe he has Calibre. I said he was wise not to use a Kindle, not unless he wished to put his books at risk of being wiped out without rhyme nor reason.

Last week from Cook I picked up mince pies. Best I have ever tasted, I was pleased to be able to pick up some more. I asked about the crush last week. Confirmed what I had suspected, an extensive data base they can e-mail. And indicates a very loyal customer base.

In Waterstone’s, which pretends to be a bookshop, I asked for NeverSeconds. Not a clue. When looked up, one copy ordered. It is getting to be beyond a joke.

In Waitrose, sausages individually priced! I suspect is in order customers do not realise the extent to which they are being ripped off, as no price per kilo, and when I asked, girl serving was unable to answer the question. I spoke with the manager. He was very surprised and said he would look into it as he found it strange.

Popped in The Barn, though did not stay. I am pleased they are now serving fresh soup. Today was leek and potato.

Bus on time, next bus on time.


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