Damp misty autumn day in London

Christmas Decorations in Apple Market in Covent Garden

Christmas Decorations in Apple Market in Covent Garden

asking the way outside British Museum

asking the way outside British Museum

Red Telephone Box outside British Museum

Red Telephone Box outside British Museum

Cold, damp, misty day in London with three Greek-Cypriot sisters.

I guess it had been a foggy start in the morning as trees were dripping with water. It was slightly misty, by the time I set off very misty.

What is it with car drivers? Does driving a car means you need no brains? A few cars had had lights on, a few sidelights, many no lights at all.

I missed fast train, caught a slow train.

I was going to go to Wimbledon to a piano recital, but decided I would carry straight on to London. I would have walked to Covent Garden, but decided to go via the Tube.

I gave estimated time of arrival at Covent Garden, with suggetsion the three Greek-Cypriot sisters I was to meet have a wander around Covent Garden rather than wait at Covent Garden Station and I would find them.

I estimated I would arrive 3pm, and to my surprise I arrived at exactly 3pm, and on the dot my phone rang.

One sister was on her way. I said I would go for a walk, call me when she arrived. I went for a walk, no sign of, went for another walk. Abut an hour later, sister arrived.

I showed her the Christmas decorations in the Apple Market in Covent Garden.

We then retraced our steps and ate at Food for Thought in Neal Street. I was a little disappointed although still very good desserts, for the main courses, a big let down. Something going very very wrong.

I had brought along three Paulo Coelho books as gifts. Middle sister had first pick. As she had read two of the books, she picked The Alchemist which she had not read.

As we were about to leave, a very attractive female asked could she sit at our table. I said yes. She said she had read the books in her own language. I asked what was that? Turkish. I told her of Elif, which she was not familiar with

Tube to Russell Square where we met up with little sister and big sister. Big sister said she knew the way to the British Museum, which meant we set off in exactly the opposite direction.

This had an disadvantage as we found a lovely little street, Marchmont Street, with interesting shops, restaurants, and a bookshop. But no time to explore as we were on our way to the British Museum, or would have been were we not heading in the opposite direction.

The bookshop, Judd Books, had a lot of new books at half price or less, including Nineteen Eighty-Four. Unlike Waterstone’s, the guy in the bookshop knew his books. A popular bookshop as very busy.

Middle sister had asked earlier in a bookshop in Camden Town for NeverSeconds. They did not have, did not even know what it was.

We wandered around the British Museum, mainly aimlessly exploring empty space.

I had decided we would eat in one of the excellent Indian restaurants around back of Euston Station. Big sister said no. She wanted to go to Leicester Square.

I could see centre Point. I knew it could not be far. We decided to walk and headed off in the appropriate direction.

We walked through Covent Garden and into Soho.

Soho is now very very depressing. I walked through Soho maybe a year ago, could barely recognise it and got lost. It is now far, far worse. It used to be a place with character, lots of little shops, restaurants. Now large plate glass windows, Costa and Starbucks coffee shops. Soulless.

Big sister wanted to eat Chinese. I had warned her, touristy and expensive. Big sister looks at prices, decided too expensive.

I am now tired, hungry and cold. I decided to go home. We walk to Leicester Square Station to catch a train, they to their hotel, me to Waterloo to catch a train home.

I think I will have missed a train, but find I am just in time to catch a fast train, non stop. Disadvantage is I find I have just missed a bus, long walk home.

Usually a day out in London, I go somewhere, do something, then look forward to a meal in a good restaurant. Today was a miserable, pointless waste of a day. I regret I did not go to the piano recital at the Wimbledon Music Festival.

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