Westgate two weeks on

Passing through Aldershot last Saturday, the streets were all but deserted, whereas in Farnham, could barely move, such was the numbers of people on the street.

Monday, the windy plaza was awash with water. The building work stopped for the moment.

Scampi and chips in Morrison’s was pretty awful. The scampi very dark brown, either cooked too long or the oil was not being changed. Fish had the same dark brown colour. The peas were hard and uncooked, must have been frozen peas that had a glimpse of boiling water, they quickly turned cold. The chips were old, kept warm.

Find a clean table, then find a clean chair, food scraps covering the floor.

The impression given, no one cares, no one gives a damn.

Two weeks ago the Thursday street market was dead. Last week it picked up a little but had not back to where it was. This week, dead, the fruit and vegetable stall empty, though not as bad as two weeks ago.

Building work back in the windy plaza.

Staffing levels in Morrison’s falling, service poor. Following the initial interest in Morrison’s, people seem to have voted with their feet and gone elsewhere.

Beef at the cold cooked meat counter, 9p for a packet. What is it? Do not know. At the checkout scans as luncheon meat. On the hot cooked meat counter, refusal to sell an item singularly, even though individually priced.

Morrison’s are using temporary staff brought in from outside. One of the problems they have in Aldershot is finding staff who can speak, read and write English.

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