Prime Suspect 4

Prime Suspect 4 adopts a different format, three self-contained stories, DCI Tennison has now been promoted to Detective Superintendent. The other difference is that not written by Lynda La Plante.

The Lost Child

A child is kidnapped from a house, the mother found by the nanny lying in a pool of blood, head smashed.

Inner Circle

A man is found murdered. Dodgy planning deals, corrupt head of planning forcing deals through a planning committee. Oh why does this sound all so familiar?

The Scent of Darkness

An old case comes back to haunt Jane Tennison. Two women are found brutally murdered. They are murdered in the same fashion as the case she solved in Prime Suspect. Are these copy cat killings, or is the wrong man in prison and these are victims seven and eight?

Jane Tennison is taken off the case as doubts are raised.

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