Mild autumn afternoon in Godalming

poppies around doorway of Godalming Parish Church

poppies around doorway of Godalming Parish Church

candles in Godalming Parish Church

candles in Godalming Parish Church

Godalming Parish Church

Godalming Parish Church

Train to Guildford, train to Godalming.

It was a strange day, it had been very cold, today was mild in comparison, though noticeably cooler in Godalming. Very dull, not a glimpse of the sun.

The Parish Church had a lovely arrangement of poppies around its door, left over from Remembrance Day on Sunday.

Lunch at Cafe Mila. It was surprisingly quiet, though did fill up for afternoon tea.

I had a wander down the High Street. I popped into Waterstone’s. I wanted to know if they had NeverSeconds (due out tomorrow) or at least on order. They were busy. Rather than wait, I decided to pop back, but never did.

Along the street, I met a friend who I had seen in a while, who was very surprised to see me. We had a long chat, by then it was time to catch the bus.

I had seen a 71 bus pass by at 1530, or maybe about 5 minutes late. Maybe I would catch 71 bus at 1630. No such luck.

Fifteen minutes late, 71 bus had still not turned up. Along came a 46 bus, five minutes late. I decided to catch it, rather than wait for a 71 bus which may not turn up.

A horrendous journey. The driver needs to be grounded. On one bend he nearly left the road. By the time I arrived at Aldershot, I felt terrible. By the time I got off the bus, I felt very very ill.

Not long on the bus, I realised I had forgotten to visit Waterstone’s, the main reason I was in Godalming.

Long wait for next bus. I must have just missed 1740. Ten minuted wait for next bus at 1750. It did not turn up. Next bus 1800. No bus. Finally a bus at 1805, 25 minutes wait for bus that is supposed to be every ten minutes. As the bus left Aldershot, it sailed past a bus stop leaving passengers stranded.


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