Lunch at Café Mila

an enticing spread of food

an enticing spread of food

coconut slice with blueberries

coconut slice with blueberries

It was a mild autumn afternoon, especially how cold it had been, though noticeably colder in Godalming. Very quiet, few people about.

Café Mila was quiet, though it did fill up for afternoon tea.

A lentil and sweet potato curry. I would usually have their scrumptious carrot cake, but as it looked good, I thought I would try their coconut slice with blueberries. It was delicious.

I mentioned to Steve (co-owner) about the grilling Starbucks got before the House of Commons Public Accounts Select Committee. Indie coffee shops like Café Mila pay their taxes and serve better coffee, why therefore should Starbucks get away with dodging tax?

Café Mila has a lot of interesting cookbooks on display for folks to look through, though not to take away.

Quiet Food had caught my eye on my last visit. I know what slow food is, what was quiet food?

It had been put together by a Bhudist retreat in South Africa. Recipes were there to be freely copied. On one page a thought to meditate upon, on the facing page, recipes from their kitchen.

Quiet food is food you reflect upon, eat in silence. A good idea, as I have noticed, if you eat with friends and chat, though you may be eating good food, you do not really appreciate it.

I suggested to Steve he might like to obtain a copy of NeverSeconds, due out tomorrow, to serve as an inspiration to others. He thought a good idea.

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