Apple censors Drone War‏s

What Apple does not want you to see on your iPhone

What Apple does not want you to see on your iPhone

If I write a software package for Windows, it can be on a website, anyone can download, share, pass to their friends.

If I write software to run on an Apple device, an iPhone or an iPad, it has to be approved by Apple, can only be downloaded from the Apple store.

There is some sense in this. Apple can check that it runs ok, that it does not run amok. But there is also a danger, that Apple, and only Apple, decides what runs on the device you have bought. This puts Apple in a position of power over the user, a position of power which Apple can and does abuse.

Apple, which has received over $9 million in Pentagon contracts in recent years, has rejected from its App Store, and therefore from all iPhones, a simple informative application.

Drones+ is an application that shows no depictions of the carnage of war and reveals no secret information. It simply adds a location to a map every time a drone strike is reported in the media and added to a database maintained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism based in the UK.

Drone wars continue because the US and British public is largely unaware what is being done in their name with their money. Drone+ is useful in mapping where the drone strikes have taken place.

The people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and elsewhere living under the drones can’t ignore what’s being done to them. Neither should we, as it’s done with our money and in our names.

A recent study by Stanford and NYU found that drones traumatize innocent populations, who have no way of knowing how to protect themselves from drone strikes. Further, only 2% of victims of these strikes are high-level targets. The drones kill civilian men, women, and children, are being used to target rescuers, schools and funerals, and create significant anti-U.S. hostility — exactly as the Pakistani and Afghan governments have said they do.

Drones are used in a double tap. Carry out a drone strike, wait until rescuers turn up, then strike again. This is exactly the same technique used by terrorists. A bomb goes off, wait until rescuers arrive on the scene, then detonate a second bomb.

Please ask friends and colleagues to tell Apple to stop censoring the internet.

One more reason not to buy Apple devices.

Drones are not only fired and controlled from US bases, they are also fired and controlled from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

One of the first acts of the re-elected Barack Obama was to order drone strikes on Yemen.

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