Guildford farmers market licensing farce

Hog's Back Brewery in its usual location in September

Hog’s Back Brewery in its usual location in September

First Tuesday of the month, farmers market in the High Street in Guildford.

Compared with the market two months ago, summer is now a distant memory, the farmers market now passed its best, no soft fruits, peas and beans season over.

There are though autumn fruits, Secretts farm had a good selection of pumpkins, the apple stall further up a good selection of apples and pears.

By early afternoon, the man selling paella had almost as much left as the start of the day, plus he had added a stew and soup. When you have tasted the real thing, it is not worth trying, and few are going to want to eat off the street when it is freezing cold and starting to rain. The market needs to tighten up its standards. It is not acceptable to be selling in McVomit style polystyrene plastic boxes which do not biodegrade and whose only destination is landfill or incineration.

Why was Hog’s Back Brewery on the other side of the street? And the guy selling wines?

The only way to find out was to ask.

Apparently their little marked out pitch only has a license for twelve times a year. The market misses January, but does hold a couple of extra markets during the year, thus exceeding twelve. The solution, to mark out a pitch the other side of the street and give it a licence!

The intelligent solution would be to simply licence the market, but that does not generate sufficient paperwork granting jobs to worthless council jobsworths.

What is the problem? Does the market fill the High Street with drunken scum each first Tuesday of the month?

On the other hand, the three large bars in Bridge Street, there used to be four, makes the centre of Guildford a no-go area Friday and Saturday nights. Even the council has woken up to the fact there is a problem. Doors, stables and bolts comes to mind.

Though not yet as bad as Aldershot where there was an attempt to foist yet another large bar on the town. The planners tried to force the scheme through on behalf of a developer, destroying The Arcade for a large bar, but for once the councillors showed a bit of backbone and acted for the local community not a developer.

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