Wintry afternoon in Farnham

coffee and Aleph

coffee and Aleph

Now that the clocks have gone back and it gets dark and cold earlier, I decided I would set off for Farnham earlier than last week.

I stayed on the bus to the bus station. I saw a bus about to leave, hopped on and asked was this the xx:50 about to leave. No, said the driver, this is the 30 minutes past running late.

I like going to Farnham, as I always pick up a Paulo Coelho book, this time The Winner Stands Alone, hardback. Not that Farnham is not worth a visit in its own right as it is a very pleasant market town. But I decided not to wander around, do a bit of shopping, grab something to eat, then head back out.

Farnham has a very good Oxfam music cum record shop, very good staff, and always very busy, which I discovered a couple of weeks ago when I came in on the bus. It was from there I picked up a couple of films last week. This afternoon The Winner Stands Alone.

I looked in Waterstone’s. I was curious. They sell Amazon Kindle, but if you go to their website and click on e-books, it warns you they are epub format and cannot be read on a Kindle. It was confirmed this was correct, a historic legacy from when they sold Sony e-readers. Buy from Amazon. Bizarre.

Quick lunch in The Barn, then home.

In The Barn the lovely girl behind the bar saw I had The Winner Stands Alone. She said she had read The Alchemist. I told her it was nothing like The Alchemist, and let her have a look whilst I went shopping. I suggested she might like to try Aleph.

We were talking of publishers going the same way as the music industry, books nothing other than commodities churned out by global corporations, doing as much damage to literature as music industry has done to music. The latest, me-too, copycat best seller.

For some reason she mentioned Dracula. I said there had been excellent dramatisation recently by BBC Radio 4, and suggested she might like to read The Historian, a modern retelling of Dracula.

Bus was on time. I was in time with no wait to catch the next bus from Aldershot, but decided to pop into Aldershot. Possibly fortunate I did, as there was a lot of people at the bus stop for the next bus and the bus busy. I suspect the previous one had not run.

It had been cold all day. Now as the sun was dropping, it was turning colder.

Synchronicity: Around the time when I was in The Barn, Paulo Coelho posted a picture of coffee with Aleph. The Barn is one of the best places in Farnham for coffee.

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