Cold afternoon in Guildford

It was a cold afternoon in Guildford, strong cold wind dropped the temperature even further.

Crass stupidity of Superdrug. On the pavement outside their store, a flag or pennant that was lashing people in the face as they walked past.

Amnesty International had a stall in the High Street. I learnt later they collected one signature for one petition and eight for another and raised £251 rattling tins.

I got to Guildford Institute later than I wished as delayed by popping in two churches on the way.

A candle lit for my friend Zoe who is going through a very bad patch.

For lunch at the Guildford Institute, I had some sort of carrot bake. I did not think I would like it but it was very good. Plus salad.

Followed by rhubarb crumble or maybe it was rhubarb and apple. I am not sure as the lady said there was not much left, and gave me a helping of an apple dessert, How I managed to eat it all as there was a lot in my bowl, but with lashings of cream and a pot of tea I somehow managed.

I looked in the bank, my only reason for being out, but the person I wished to see was not there and the person I asked had no idea when she would be in.

I decided it was time to go home, as all afternoon it had been getting colder.

I popped in Guildford House. I complimented the tourist information on being shortlisted for some award. It would be well deserved as they are always very helpful and go out of their way to be helpful.

Excellent art exhibition in Guildford House, well worth a visit.

Then it was home via Aldershot.

Walking though the underpass at Aldershot Station, I noticed there was still blood on the ground where on Tuesday a man fell down the stairs and smashed his head.

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