Behaviour of toxic RBS beggars belief

The manner in which toxic Royal Bank of Scotland treats its customers is unbelievable.

This morning two letters from toxic RBS.

The first tells me that to save paper, Royal Bank of Scotland will forthwith only send out statements once every three months. Should I wish to opt out (I never chose to opt in) I can either go on-line and fill out a form or I can call a premium rate number.

Since when has toxic RBS cared about the environment? RBS funds tar sands extraction in Canada, one of the planet’s dirtiest oil projects.

A fraud took place on my account last year. RBS claimed it was my fault for not notifying them immediately. I actually did, I notified as soon as I received my statement. Were statements only every three months that gives fraudsters plenty of time to milk accounts dry.

The second letter was to thank me for contacting them. I haven’t, and only a couple of weeks ago they passed without my consent my account details to a third party who claimed this had been done because I was uncontactable.

I am told RBS will look into my complaint (I have not filed a complaint), but not until 19 November 2012, because they are overwhelmed with complaints.

The letter states a leaflet on complaints is enclosed. No, a badly reproduced photocopy of a leaflet, which has been reduced to fit on an A4 sheet and is unreadable.

Last year a fraudulent transaction took place on an account. It took months, many wasted hours on the phone, to resolve, or at least I thought it was resolved. Earlier this year it all cropped up again with RBS falsely claiming that money was owing on an account that had not been used since the fraud took place.

Several weeks ago I asked a senior person in an RBS branch to investigate. She wrote a detailed report and sent it off.

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from a cowboy outfit called Power2Contact claiming RBS was unable to contact me and that they had been asked to do so on their behalf, and they would be paying me a visit. Only the day before, I was with the helpful young lady who had written a report, who said no, no one had got back to her. I had not given RBS permission to pass personal information to these cowboys.

A week later, I went in to see her. Like me she said she was appalled. She said Monday, she would see what she could do.

That was last week. On the Friday I went in to see her to see what progress she had made. She said none, other than they are wanting your telephone number (no reason was given why and seems to be a trawling expedition for customer information). I asked that she called them whilst I was there. As she warned me, nothing had happened. The report that she had written had been ignored as no one had the intelligence to tie it in with whatever else was happening.

At my request, she said she would escalate by two levels.

The only response (and that is assuming it is a response), has been a letter dated 22 October 2012, received today 24 October 2012.

Spanish bank Santander has pulled out of a deal to buy RBS branches.

RBS has suspended get cash, a fraudsters dream, a mobile phone app that lets fraudsters withdraw money from customers accounts.

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