Martha Payne at Observer Food Monthly Awards 2012

Martha and her father all kitted out

Martha and her father all kitted out

Martha receiving award

Martha receiving award

Martha chatting with guests

Martha chatting with guests

Martha with John Whaite winner of Great British Bake Off

Martha with John Whaite winner of Great British Bake Off

award in pride of place above kitchen door

award in pride of place above kitchen door

I talked to so many people about Malawi and Mary’s Meals that I went to bed really late and fell asleep on a minister’s sofa in the Foreign Office on Friday. It was worth it though. I am home now and the plate is above my kitchen door. It is next to a mouse and a home made fish. I like it there. — Martha Payne

Martha Payne is a nine-year-old food blogger who writes the hugely successful NeverSeconds food blog.

Through her blog, which pathetic jobsworth at her local council tried to shut down, she has raised money for a kitchen in Malawi, Friends of NeverSeconds, which gives school children one free meal a day (an incentive to regularly attend school).

It has been a hectic three weeks for Martha.

With her family (mother and father, brother and sister) she travelled to Malawi where she inaugurated Friends of NeverSeconds and got a very warm welcome from the school children.

On her return, she was on the One Show with Jamie Oliver, was guest-of-honour at his London restaurant Union Jacks, paid a visit to the Foreign Office (where so tired she fell asleep on the Minister’s couch).

And to add to it all, she was invited to the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2012 where she was awarded the Best Food Blog. It would be difficult to think of a more deserving recipient. Well done Martha.

£120,000 for Mary’s Meals is a great achievement, but the view of Martha is

No it’s not great. There’s a lot more money out there in the whole world. I think we have to get some more.

Yes, £120,000 for one person to have raised by their blog is an amazing achievement, and something of which Martha should be proud. But she also recognises that there is a lot of money in the world, concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, whilst the rest of the world starves. In terms of hunger, it is a drop in the oceans, and we will not solve hunger through charity.

Food speculation: Food speculation is driving up food prices. WDM do a lot in this area.

Food waste: We waste a third of food produced, bad distribution, disease, poor storage, fickle standards by supermarket chains, waste in our homes.

Biofuels: If we use land to grow crops for biofuels the land is not being used to grow food.

Since the summer, Martha has invited guest bloggers to write on her blog. The latest is from India. She has also inspired others, often older than herself, to follow in her footsteps.

Next month, she and her father David Payne will publish a book telling the story of NeverSeconds. Monies raised will go to Mary’s Meals and provide more money for school dinners for poor school children who otherwise may not go to school.

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2 Responses to “Martha Payne at Observer Food Monthly Awards 2012”

  1. Lauren Pouchly Says:

    How can I get permission to use the Observer food award pic of Martha? I am making an inhouse corporate video using people of inspiration. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Check out the relevant entry on her blog and pose the question as a comment.

    Or try twitter

    If you are using it for a corporate video, I imagine it there would be a fee to pay, or the answer may even be no, as not a not-for-profit use.

    If it was me, I would say no to corporate use.

    Far, far better, go into your local independent bookshop, order copies of NeverSeconds (out Wednesday) and hand these out. And, show the documentary of Martha in Malawi.

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