Cool damp afternoon in Farnham

Compared with last weekend in Farnham, it was not cold and raining, but it was cool and damp, and not even hazy sun.

The same problem as last week with dysfunctional public transport.

I was not going to make the train Aldershot to Farnham, therefore I decided to do what I did last week, rather than a long wait at the station, hop off the bus as it pulls into the town centre and catch a bus as it pulls out.

At least that was the theory. I knew there was a bus due at 2-30pm, which was only a minute wait, if on time, last week it was over ten minutes late.

Ten minutes passed, no sign of the bus, then along came a different bus, which must been running half and hour or more late.

In Farnham I picked up four Paulo Coelho books, then a little later Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The four Paulo Coelho books were only 50p each, but I was only charged £1. Somewhat baffled I looked, buy one and get one free. Later I wish I had given them the extra pound as it was an RSPCA charity shop, and unlike Oxfam and British Heart Foundation they are not greedy and overcharge for their books.

In a car park I found a friend busking, or more like causing a public nuisance, but he said he had been doing it the last few weeks and raised about £300.

I was looking forward to soup at Morrello’s a little coffee shop in Downing Street, but no soup. Apparently they do no soup on a Saturday as not busy, though last week I was told they had run out as busy on Saturday. I did not fancy a roll, chose lasagna. It was pretty awful. Cooked, chilled, then partially heated up in a microwave, leaving parts hot, other parts cold. They did apologise, but this is not how to serve food. I said they needed to cook and serve hot. Apparently they cannot as their planning consent does not permit cooking on the premises.

I would have had a tea and cake at Kiara’s opposite, but did not fancy spending more time in Farnham. Notice on the door said closed, and yet full of people.

Quick shop in Waitrose.

Starbucks quite busy. Lousy coffee and they do not pay their fair share of tax.

I looked in The Barn. I regretted not eating there. I thought it would be cold, it is after all an old barn, but it was lovely and warm. It is usually not very busy. It was full of young kids with their parents. Good as it means their parents are taking them someplace that serves good food.

Experience once again dysfunctional public transport. I was a couple of minutes late for a bus. Had I missed it or was it running late? The next bus late too, then finally the first bus I thought maybe I had missed, running at least 20 minutes late.

During my long wait for a bus I see folk walking by with coffee from Costa and Starbucks in their hands. I think to myself what is wrong with these idiots, they walk past The Barn where they can pick up quality coffee.

In time in Aldershot with less than ten minutes wait for the next bus, and as it was waiting, was able to hop on out of the cold.

I used to catch the train Farnham to Aldershot, but as I had no ticket, caught the bus. But, had I caught the train i would have had nearly half an hour wait for the bus as the train arrives train arrives a couple of minutes after the bus has left. Such is the dysfunctional public transport system.


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