Morello’s an Italian coffee shop in Farnham

Morello’s is a lovely little coffee shop in Farnham run by three Italian sisters.

It is always possible to tell a good coffee shop, from the ambience and attitude and enthusiasm of those who work there.

I had popped my head in Morello’s last week, liked what I saw and said I would come back.

I had hoped to get to Morello’s early afternoon, but dysfunctional public transport system meant I did not get to Farnham until mid-afternoon on a cold wet miserable day.

A cold wet miserable afternoon when soup sounds fine. Pea and ham soup, great, only it had gone, as had most of the food.

A had a salami and mozzarella cheese roll. It was very tasty and filling.

The coffee is fair trade. I suggested they took part in the Costa (dis)Loyalty Card scheme which was thought a good idea.

Whilst I was there a little girl came in and went straight to the ice cream. Obviously a well worn track.

I asked her did she like it in Morello’s? A definite yes.

I asked her was it better than Costa? A very definite yes.

I suggested to her parents that she would probably like it in The Barn. I suggested she tried their falafel and Greek salad.

Two other places she would probably like is the little Italian coffee shop in Alton and Cafe Mila in Godalming.

It is great when I see parents introducing their kids to good places to eat, not subjecting them to child abuse in McDonald’s.

I would have had tea and a cake, but they were closing early. For that I popped over the road to Kiara’s.

It is a pity Downing Street is not pedestrianised and free of traffic. It is a lovely street with old buildings, with quite a few food shops. But sadly horrendous traffic and horrendous pollution levels.

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One Response to “Morello’s”

  1. keithpp Says:

    I passed along Downing Street on Saturday and was shocked to find this lovely little coffee shop closed. 😦

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