Cold wet miserable afternoon in Farnham

church yard

church yard

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

The day started pleasant enough. Sunny, though with a bitter cold north wind. It then rapidly deteriorated, dark clouds, heavy rain.

I had plenty of time to catch a train to Farnham, to get there early afternoon. That is until one bus sailed past early. I would still have made the train, had the next bus turned up, only it did not. Then two buses following each other.

I would have made the station in time to see the train departing with a half hour wait for the next train. I decided to hop off the bus and try to catch a bus to Farnham. Ten minutes wait for the bus. No bus. It turns up ten minutes late.

I make it to Farnham, maybe five minutes earlier than if I had waited half an hour for the next train.

Now mid-afternoon. Very cold.

I have a chat with the Big Issue seller. Then walk to Morello’s, a little Italian coffee shop in Downing Street.

They have little left, a couple of rolls, pea and ham soup has gone.

They close early, no time for a tea and a cake. Pop across the road to Kiara’s, which is surprisingly full, as it is normally empty.

Tea and carrot cake in Kiara’s.

I am now thinking of going back home.

Look in Waterstone’s. They have never heard of Manuscript in Accra, latest book by Paulo Coelho. But then it is Waterstone’s.

Look in The Barn. Attempt to make a freddo cappuccino. It does not quite work out.

By now turning very cold.

Catch the bus outside The Barn. Luckily only a few minutes to wait as bus on time. Then only ten minutes to wait for the next bus.

Previously I have taken the train, which I prefer, but there is then almost a half hour wait for the bus (no fun when cold and damp).

A day going from one coffee bar to the next. But too cold and wet to do much else.

I did though on arrival in Farnham pick up two books by Paulo Coelho. I hasten to add, not from Waterstone’s.

Farnham is a lovely little market town on the banks of the River Wey. It is spoilt by the traffic through the town.

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