Attempt at freddo cappuccino in The Barn

freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

It was a cold miserable day in Farnham. A day of coffee shops.

I had already paid visits to Morello’s and Kiara’s, it was time for The Barn.

Earlier in the week I had tried freddo cappuccino in Cafe Mila in Godalming. It was a disaster. Not sure why, but I think in part lack of the right equipment.

One essential piece of equipment is a machine to foam the cold milk.

The Barn has such a machine. Skimmed milk is essential, as is the right glass.

No skimmed milk, only semi-skimmed. The best glass was a half pint beer glass.

We tried. It did not work, though better than the attempt in Cafe Mila. The milk did not foam correctly, the glass was not suitable.

Slowly, slowly, getting there.

Surprisingly the taste was good, but that was probably down to the use of fair trade, freshly ground quality Arabica coffee from Coffea arabica beans.

Parents often come with their small children to The Barn as the children like the atmosphere and healthy meal choices.

Why go to Costa and or Starbucks, when far better choices in Farnham?

Both The Barn and Morello’s are using quality coffee, the staff enjoy being there.

Starbucks do not let women breast feed their children, and as for their appalling working conditions read the excellent No Logo by Naomi Klein.

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