Out of Our Woods



I was in Godalming for lunch at Café Mila. I had a feeling Out of Our Woods would be on exhibition at Godalming Museum. I looked, I was correct, a board outside said Music Today.

A change of plan, music, then lunch at Café Mila.

No music. The board was for Saturday just gone.

I had lunch at Café Mila, then returned mid-afternoon.

An interesting exhibition, a mix of tables and chairs, cabinets and musical instruments but very badly presented.

The table, a lovely large wooden table, had a notice not to put cups on it. Hmm, is that not what a table is for? The table was badly designed, instead of a smooth surface, it had large grooves, joints between the different woods, ideal for food and dirt to lodge in and a pain to keep clean.

The musical instruments were half finished and not stringed. This would have been ok if in various stages of construction, but not a single unfinished instrument.

A volunteer and myself spent some time trying to work out how a bowed psaltery was stringed.

A bowed psaltery is a strange flat pyramid structure, with acute corners (stringed instruments usually have curves, eg guitar, violin, cello). Bowed refers to being played with a bow, not the instrument being bowed. There was no bow, nor any indication of how it was played. 24 strings, silvered steel, played one note at a time.

Out of Our Woods is also an album. A pity not on bandcamp, and sadly not well recorded.

Wood is made to be handled, to be appreciated. Why hide behind glass?

The pieces on display were well made, clearly made by a skilled craftsman who loves working with wood, all the more the pity the exhibition was so poorly put together.

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