Lunch at Café Mila

various options for lunch

various options for lunch

scrumptious carrot cake

scrumptious carrot cake

Train to Guildford, then train to Godalming. I found yet another different route into the town.

I passed by Godalming Museum as I thought maybe Out of Our Woods exhibition. My hunch was correct. A board said music today. I was on my way to Café Mila for lunch, but as the music was late morning until early afternoon, it was change of plan, music, then lunch.

No music. No one knew anything about music. Maybe I was wrong. I double checked, no, the board said Music Today, but on closer examination, it was last Saturday.

It was a cold, damp miserable afternoon in Godalming. Not raining (yet). What dumb idea was it to set foot outside the house? Not a day for sitting outside Café Mila.

I decided on bean and butternut squash curry. It came with rice and was delicious.

Followed by carrot cake. It too was delicious.

I must ask nicely and collect a few recipes.

Between the curry and the cake I had the mad idea (it seemed a good idea at the time) of showing how to make freddo cappuccino. It was a disaster. The wrong equipment, the wrong glasses (and no, not a bad workman blaming his tools). We tried make do and it was a disastrous failure. The milk sank to the bottom, then the foam collapsed. What was strange was it tasted ok, but looked bloody awful.

I think I know what was wrong. A purpose designed machine is required to foam the milk (we tried by hand). Plus other equipment is needed too. Make do will not do.

What it demonstrated if nothing else is that making a freddo cappuccino is a skilled art. I may though have help at hand.

Café Mila is very child friendly, maybe a little too child friendly, but the kids are well behaved.

What is nice is when a stunning blonde feels relaxed enough to breast feed her child and no one raises an eyebrow.

I was left holding the baby (not the same one), when a young mother asked would I keep an eye on her whilst she just popped out, she won’t be any trouble.

All the time I was there Café Mila was very busy.

Talking to a Dutch lady she said Café Mila was great asset to Godalming.

Apart from the fact the food is good, freshly made, fresh made cakes, quality coffee, the staff are friendly, full of enthusiasm.

Café Mila does the occasional evening dinner. The next will be Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness: Autumn tastes and flavours, squashes, mushrooms, game, on Friday 26 October 2012. Booking is essential.

I am baffled why anyone patronises Costa when they have Café Mila. But then I have never understood why anyone eats at McDonald’s or KFC.

Godalming is a small market town on the banks of the River Wey south of Guildford.

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