Nappa King – Protaras – Famagusta – Cape Greco

Nappa King about to set sail

Nappa King about to set sail

a relaxing boat trip

a relaxing boat trip

swimming in the sea

swimming in the sea

Nappa King sets sail from the pier at Protaras to Famugusta, then to Cape Greco, late morning and early afternoon, a round trip of a little over two hours.

On the way to Famagusta, more passengers are picked up.

Famagusta is seen from afar. At Cape Greco anchor is dropped to allow swimming. At this time of year in the sheltered cove the sea is lovely and warm.

On Tuesday and Saturday Napa King does an evening trip to watch the sun setting.

Top Story in The Waverley Daily (Tuesday 9 October 2012).

Top Story in The Cyprus Holiday News (Tuesday 9 October 2012).

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4 Responses to “Nappa King – Protaras – Famagusta – Cape Greco”

  1. CPT Antonakis Gregoriou Says:

    all the choldrens is FREE on the boat Napa King 2 for 2013

  2. Antonios Says:

    is the best

  3. antonios Says:

    the best boat trips in Cyprus

  4. Antonakis Gregoriou Says:

    ALL t

    he children FREE

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