Coffee at Costa

coffee at Costa: freddo cappuccino should not look like this!

coffee at Costa: freddo cappuccino should not look like this!

In the interest of scientific inquiry, coffee at Costa in Protaras in Cyprus. Is their coffee as bad as that in England? How does it compare with patisserie amelie?

Freddo cappuccino (iced cappuccino) is strong black coffee. It is bitter, but not an unpleasant bitter. It has a kick. It is an art to make and requires quality coffee.

Two lattes and one freddo cappuccino were ordered at Costa Coffee. They were made in surprisingly short time, not a good sign.

The latte were ok, milk hides a lot.

The freddo cappuccino should have been dark, almost black, topped with brown, then creamy white.

It was not, it was a browny colour, with creamy white clouds swirling within. Topped by an off-white brownish colour.

The girl who made it was clearly not skilled in a freddo cappuccino.

It had an unpleasant bitter taste, leaving a nasty after taste in the mouth. A sign of poor quality coffee.

The cost, a little over ten euros. For comparison, patisserie amelie less than ten euros, around one euro difference in price.

Price though not the only difference. At patisserie amelie quality coffee, looks good, tastes good.

It is difficult to see why anyone in Protaras would frequent Costa Coffee, when just up the road patisserie amelie serving quality coffee at lower price.

Costa has 15 coffee shops in Cyprus. The intention is to flood the island with Costa Coffee, starting with tourist destinations, as only English tourists stupid enough to frequent Costa.

Costa Coffee in Cyprus is a franchise. They refuse to honour Costa Loyalty Cards.

Why set up a franchise? Why not establish quality coffee shops? Why indeed?

There is one quality coffee shop in Protaras, patisserie amelie (outside Sunrise Beach Hotel).

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