Costa in Protaras

Costa in Protaras

Costa in Protaras

Costa is spreading like a highly infectious virus.

Protaras is a small coastal resort in Cyprus. A few years back McDonald’s arrived in Cyprus to peddle its junk food to British tourists who are lacking in taste. Junk food outlets have been springing up like fungi after autumn rain. Now Costa has arrived. At last count, 15 Costa Coffee shops in Cyprus. The one in Protaras is the only one (yet) in the locality, but still one too many.

Costa is bleeding money out of local economies in England, often unwanted in the localities in which they operate, to spread the red virus worldwide.

In Protaras the same dull lacking-in-character corporate face. Only thing that can be said in its favour, not as dull and dingy as Costa in England.

Are the cakes the same factory cakes? Costa claim not, they come from a local bakery. But how local is local? Local to the island? Only one bakery supplies all 15 Costa coffee shops in Cyprus.

The ice cream is poor quality industrial ice cream from Mövenpick.

And yet only a few minutes walk down the road outside Sunrise Beach Hotel is a quality coffee shop, patisserie amelie, freshly ground beans, fresh made cakes, fresh made ice cream.

The Costa in Protaras is charging seven euros for a coffee and a cake, which makes it about the same as England where the price is five pounds for rubbish coffee and a factory cake.

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