Manchester pirate city

Does the City Hall in Manchester fly a pirate flag?

It is claimed that Manchester is No 1 city in UK for downloads, followed by Nottingham and Southampton.

It is claimed that in the first half of 2012, UK users illegally shared over 40 million albums and singles.

What is wrong with sharing?

Industry group, the BPI said it showed piracy “remains a significant problem”.

Problem for who?

According to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the UK’s music industry body, the figures were having a “significant effect on investment in new music”.


Last night on World Tonight (BBC Radio 4 10pm news) BPI claimed it was hurting up and coming artists.

On the same programme, Ed Sheeran who topped the list of most pirated UK artist for the first half of 2012 said he was quite happy for fans to share his music.

BPI are as usual spouting a load of bollocks on behalf of the major record labels who they represent. This is an important distinction, they act for the major record labels, not musicians, not people who love music. They bleat the same old lies that musicians are suffering.

Since when has BPI cared about up and coming musicians, yet alone acted for them?

Music is not failing, it is the major record labels and BPI who have lost the plot.

Musicians are putting their music on bandcamp, which makes it easy to listen, share and download. Musicians get paid, and the money goes straight into their pockets, not the coffers of major record labels. Bandcamp recently passed the amazing milestone of $20 million direct into the pocket of grass roots musicians.

Musicians want their music to be shared, listened to.

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