Lunch @ Café Mila

Café Mila Thai green curry

Café Mila Thai green curry

Café Mila carrot cake

Café Mila carrot cake

We want to offer you food like the food we choose to make and eat at home. Always freshly prepared from great quality ingredients, and locally sourced as much as possible. — Café Mila

I decided lunch at Café Mila in Godalming. Train to Guildford, train to Godalming. Then spend the afternoon in Godalming.

Café Mila very busy, though not as busy as Tuesday. Lovely food laid out.

I decided to try the Green Curry and Rice chalked up on the board. Not something I would try other than in a Thai restaurant, and only then a restaurant for Thai not English. There is nothing worse than what is claimed to be curry, green or otherwise, which is something disgusting with a good dosing of curry powder. I was therefore pleasantly surprised, I could not believe how good it was. It was delicious, with lovely light and delicate flavours. The rice was excellent too not all glued together. It was served piping hot, the bowl warm.

I had also ordered a carrot cake, but was too full. I said I would come back later in the afternoon and have for afternoon tea. They kindly put it to one side for me.

I mentioned the Costa Coffe (dis)Loyalty Card scheme. Let us hope more indie coffee shops take this up and introduce people to real coffee.

I looked in Costa. Dull and dingy, I cannot see why anyone would wish to go there, but looking at the people who were there, they looked typical McDonald’s customers (and I do not know why people eat there either).

A walk to the end of Godalming and back, then I caught Café Mila before closing and sat outside and had my carrot cake and a cup of tea.

The carrot cake was delicious.

It is easy to see why Café Mila is popular and everywhere else in Godalming empty. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, service is good, a lovely atmosphere.

What is baffling is why anyone goes in Costa (other than people who think McDonald’s serves food), dingy, poor quality coffee, factory cakes, when nearby is Café Mila with freshly prepared delicious food, own baked cakes and quality teas and coffee, all served by people who clearly enjoy what they are doing.

There has been a couple of nasty negative reviews on TripAdvisor. These stand out as fake reviews as they bear no resemblance to the reality of Café Mila. Shame on TripAdvisor for not rooting out these fake reviews as it means TripAdvisor loses all credibility.

Café Mila does the occasional evening dinner. These have to be booked and paid for in advance. They have had a Moroccan dinner and are planning a South African dinner on 28 September 2012.

I have suggested the occasional music or poetry evening.

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2 Responses to “Lunch @ Café Mila”

  1. Dienna Says:

    The Thai green curry looks really good. And I’m a fan of nicely cooked rice.

  2. keithpp Says:

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