Afternoon in Godalming

cottages in Mill Lane

cottages in Mill Lane

I decided lunch at Café Mila in Godalming. Train to Guildford, train to Godalming.

On alighting from the train, I went a different way into Godalming, past the old mill, sadly not working but the mill race is still there, past some lovely old cottages.

Outside the old mill a strange contraption, several feet across, 19th century engineering. I was baffled as to what it was.

Beneath the Pepper Pot a Doctor of Chiropractor was offering free consultation. Apparently my spine is slightly curved laterally, my pelvis slightly tilted, and each vertebral twisted one way then the other all the way up my spine. I can see I am going to have to see my doctor and be referred to a specialist.

Café Mila very busy, though not as busy as Tuesday. Lovely food laid out.

I decided to try the Green Curry chalked up on the board. Not something I would try other than in a Thai restaurant. I could not believe how good it was. I had also ordered a carrot cake, but was too full. I said I would come back.

I mention the Costa Coffe (dis)Loyalty Card scheme. Let us hope more indie coffee shops take this up and introduce people to real coffee.

I looked in Costa. Dull and dingy, I cannot see why anyone would wish to go there, but looking at the people who were there, they looked typical McDonald’s customers (and I do not know why people eat there either).

Godalming has an independent record shop, Record Corner. A rarity these days. I picked up the latest Bob Dylan CD, Tempest. I made the mistake of paying extra for the limited edition deluxe version. My advice is don’t, it is a rip-off.

I twice looked in Waterstone’s (yes I know it is not a real bookshop). I wanted to see if they knew when the latest Paulo Coelho Manuscript Found in Accra was out (sometime end of this year or early next year). I never got to ask the question as I was ignored both times.

A walk to the end of Godalming and back, then I caught Café Mila before closing and sat outside and had my carrot cake and a cup of tea.

I then decide rather than catch the bus Godalming to Guildford (and train from Guildford), I would catch the bus to Haslemere, which then continues on to Aldershot.

It was an interesting journey. To Haslemere through little villages, through wooded countryside, along sunken lanes. With the trees overhead, it was as though travelling through a green tunnel.

Prior to the turning to Haslemere, I was amazed at the number of classic cars on the road. I even saw parked up in a pub an E-type Jaguar in Racing Green.

Somewhere on the approach to Hindhead, the countryside changes. Still heavily wooded, but now pine trees not oak. At Frensham, change again, now open heathland.

Then from Aldershot bus.

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