The Happiest Place

I want happiness

I want happiness



The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. It is the goal of every other goal. Ben Henretig has embarked on an ambitious project to document a country and culture that has embraced Happiness as a part of its national policy. — Deepak Chopra

It has been known for at least twenty years that once people reach a certain level of material well being their quality of life does not improve, it deteriorates.

Once this level of material wealth is reached, growing GDP becomes meaningless, we do so counter to our quality of life, counter to environmental degradation, growing gaps between rich and poor, increase in crime and mental and family and societal breakdown.

We hear a lot about wealth creation, that we must not tax the rich else they will go elsewhere. What we do not hear is creating no place for them to hide.

We do not have wealth creation, we have wealth accumulation and vulture capitalism.

Up until the 1950s, we had industrialists who created wealth, they built the railways, made cars, produced jeans. Now they create complex financial instruments that rob Peter to pay Paul, they avoid tax, they fire not hire people.

We see our towns and cities destroyed, the same High Street names in every town, soulless Clone Towns. Rapacious corporations like Costa Coffee.

A nuclear meltdown as we saw in Japan, increases GDP due to the cost of the clean up.

Four travellers travelled across the mountain Kingdom of Bhutan. They found a people, a country, that valued their culture, valued their environment, that had a high happiness Index.

They filmed what they saw. They are now wanting to turn what they saw into a documentary, The Happiest Place. They are using crowd sourcing to raise the money via Kickstarter.

Music for the film will be by Imogen Heap and Zoe Keating.

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