Lunch at The Bridge Patisserie

The Bridge Patisserie fruit tarts

the Bridge Patisserie fruit tarts

Compared with earlier in the week there was slightly better choice, but then I was marginally earlier.

I had what I thought was pizza. Not exactly sure what it was. It was either a very doughy pizza or some sort of bread, served with a salad.

I would have liked soup, but none left.

Bigger choice of cakes, but all tarts, no actual cakes. Maybe the do not make cakes, only tarts, or maybe late in the day and all gone.

I mentioned to the girl serving the Costa Coffee (dis)Loyalty Card scheme. At first she misunderstood, but once she caught on, she thought an excellent idea. Let us hope more indie coffee shops across the country participate as it will introduce people to what real coffee tastes like.

I picked up one of their excellent pork pies to take home for tea.


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