Lunch at Caffe Macchiato

Caffe Macchiato

Caffe Macchiato

Aldershot is one of those places best avoided, where there is nowhere decent to eat. I thought I would try Caffe Macchiato, an Italian restaurant cum coffee bar.

Looking from the outside, the inside is larger than would expect as it goes some way back. Very dingy. Outside the canopy is dirty, which does not give a very good impression.

The place was almost empty, one table with a couple, outside a couple smoking.

I asked for Spaghetti Alla Bologne, spaghetti bolognaise. I assume it was made fresh as the chef was working in the kitchen. When served it looked singularly unappetising. It tasted marginally better than it looked. On a par with a supermarket ready meal. Large size, enough for two. When I was a little more than halfway through I started to feel sick.

When served, I was asked did I want Parmesan cheese? I had to ask for it to be left, otherwise it would have been taken away. Similar with the black pepper. I was asked would I like, a small sprinkling, then it was taken away.

Whilst waiting for my meal, I had a look round. A miserable woman in a accusatory tone wanted to know what I wanted.

Apart from the miserable woman, a younger Polish woman who was helpful and did manage to smile and a chef working in the kitchen

A few cakes by the counter looked as though they had seen better days.

The only attraction was paintings on the wall. I asked of the miserable woman could I take a few photos? Why do you want to? The answer was no. Not doing the artist Emilia Nowak any favours.

Not somewhere I would recommend.

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One Response to “Lunch at Caffe Macchiato”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Caffe Macchiato, the only place in Aldershot to get a decent coffee.

    My first visit, the food was not good, subsequent visits, better.

    I must have hit a bad day. This is actually somewhere worth visiting.

    They look after there building, which cannot be said of other buildings in the street, interior no longer dingy, very pleasant to sit outside in the summer (the smokers are a problem), canopy is now clean, staff always pleasant..

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