Daisy Sandwiches

Daisy Sandwiches at Godalming Station

Daisy Sandwiches at Godalming Station

A couple of weeks ago I said there were no coffee shops in Godalming, which was a surprise as I would expect to find coffee shops in a little market town. I was corrected, and told try Café Mia. I did, and last week I had afternoon tea. Try our lunch, they said. Today I was on my way to Café Mia for lunch.

I would usually go to Guildford, hop on the bus, then sometimes take the train back to Guildford.

Today, train to Guildford, then train to Godalming as I wished to arrive in time to have lunch at Café Mia.

As I left Godalming Station I noticed something I had not noticed before, probably because it would be closed, a lovely little coffee shop called Daisy Sandwiches. It stood out as special as usually at a station it will be a cup of tea and not much more, or as at Guildford Station, a Costa Coffee shop.

Nearly everything Daisy sandwiches was serving was made by them, from fresh locally sourced produce, including their own sausage rolls and cakes. Whilst I was there, and this was lunchtime when the station is quiet, there was a steady flow of customers. I noticed many customers had salad boxes filled.

I tried a sausage roll, which was better than the average disgusting sausage roll.

The cakes looked very tempting.

A coffee and a cake three pounds. In Costa lucky to get change of a fiver for poor quality coffee and a factory cake.

Begs the question: Why does anyone frequent Costa when there are indie coffee shops offering far better coffee and cakes, and often more?

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  1. Elaine Says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments! Daisy Sandwiches, Godalming

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