Costa causing street obstruction

Costa obstructing the highway in Aldershot

Costa obstructing the highway in Aldershot

Costa obstructing the highway in Guildford

Costa obstructing the highway in Guildford

Costa are not too fussed about planning rules, what is a little matter like opening shops with no planning consent?

Costa take the same attitude with obstructing the highway.

Seats and tables and boards, may be causing an obstruction, but what do Costa care?

In Aldershot, Thursday is market day. With the market stalls in place, there is sufficiengt room to wak down the street either side of the stalls, but not where Costa is located on the corner.

When the market is busy, not only people walking up and down the street, but also doing business with the stalls, there is limited space and certainly no room for tables and chairs outside Costa.

The local council should be acting to remove the obstacles, not turn a blind eye.

The same applies to the board Costa has causing an obstruction in the middle of the street. There is not even a need for the board. A Costa coffee shop in a prominent position on the corner is not exactly invsible.

Costa has applied for permission to locate their tables and chairs on the street. This should be opposed.

Objections to Andrew Lloyd, Rushmoor chief executive.

In Guildford, tables and chairs spill out into Swan Lane. Swan Lane is a narrow alley and Costa has sprawled out into the alley occupying more than two-thirds of the width of the alley.

Why is Guildford turning a blind eye to this blatant highway obstruction?

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Friday 7 September 2012).

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2 Responses to “Costa causing street obstruction”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Costa obstructing the highway

  2. Phil Says:

    I’ve noticed this as well. Costa are getting about at the moment. I even tripped on one of their hoarding today as walked in to Tescos.

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