Costa a thoroughly rotten company

Costa obstructing the highway in Guildford

Costa obstructing the highway in Guildford

There are a lot of rotten companies out there, Costa is but one with nasty businesses practices.

Costa likes to muscle their unwanted way into unspoilt towns.

Totnes and Southwold are but two of the latest towns to say, Costa no thanks, to be ignored by Costa.

This is what Pete has to say of the arrival of Costa in Hassocks, a village near Brighton:

In Hassocks, near Brighton, a Costa Coffee took over a quaint old clothes shop, ripped the heart out & set up shop, without approaching the planning department. A year later its destroyed almost all opposition by giving free drinks, cheap drinks or mega deals.

As a result Sainsburys has decided to build a local store to compete with a Budgens & all the independents. By this time next year, we will have virtually no character left in this tiny village.

Planning consent? Planning consent to Costa is but a minor inconvenience. They are more than happy to flout planning regulations and open and run a Costa Coffee shop with no planning consent.

Fair price for coffee? If farmers were paid a fair price for their coffee they would be able to afford to send their kids to school. In an exercise in greenwash, Costa Foundation collects money from customers, then hands out largesse for a few schools.

Fair employment conditions? Costa claim not to use zero hours contracts. If it is a slack period staff are sent home unpaid. Sounds like zero hours to me.

Obstruction of the highways? Boards and tables and chairs spill out into the highway causing an obstruction to passers by.

OK to take photos? When one person tried, they were questioned by an out-of-uniform police officer.

Decent coffee? Not really. Lucky to get change out of a fiver for poor quality coffee and a factory cake.

Boycott Costa? YES!

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2 Responses to “Costa a thoroughly rotten company”

  1. unityandequality Says:

    Shit Dude not mauch change out of a 10spot for cake and Coffee To get a free Latte on you r “loyalty Card” you need to have bought a 100 frapawapachinwigawaga Choco Bum Bum Especiale’eh;eh!… #TRUE

  2. Stephen Spain Says:

    Maybe Costa do use Zero hour contracts after all.

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