Guildford farmers market

Guildford farmers market

Guildford farmers market

autumn produce

autumn produce

honey and walnuts

honey and walnuts

rape seed oil

rape seed oil

Not long after 9am this morning it was quite cool with heavy dew on the grass. By midday hot and very hot during the afternoon.

Good time of the year to visit a farmers market. Soft fruit like strawberries still available, plus this season’s apples, pumpkins, sweetcorn.

Last month Coca-Cola hijacked the market, handing out free drinks. Today a company called Oasis. No idea who they are or who is behind them. I asked what was in it. The girl did not even know and had to read from the bottle. I wish I had had a look, as probably fruit drink with lots of nasty chemicals.

Surprise, surprise, when I check it out, Oasis is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola should not be at a farmers market, it is not local produce and is a clear breach of the rules. Begs the question why is Guildford turning a blind eye?

15.7g sugar per 375ml serving which is very high (17% of recommended daily intake). Does not say what sugar, but highly likely fructose which is a toxin.

Ingredients water, sugar, fruit juices (only 5% and from concentrates) and host of nasty chemicals, including carcinogenic aspartame. My initial suspicions confirmed, an unpleasant chemical cocktail being promoted as a healthy fruit drink.

Off Celtic Bakers a loaf of bread and carrot cake. He did not have much left, he said it had been a good day.

Long chat with the lady who has honey. She told me how to handle the bee colony in my garden. I would need ladders, a two-man job, knock the bees into a box, leave until night to collect as then all the bees would be in the box and no stragglers hanging about.

She said it had been a bad year for honey. Usually her bees would produce one and a half tons of honey, this year lucky if half a ton. She was advising people to stock up with honey now, as there was going to be a drastic increase in price.

Jars of honey on her stall were £5-50, a small jar with walnuts £4-50 (but she said that was this year’s honey and reflected the price increase).

Usually she has lovely bees wax candles. None today as hot weather made them soft.

Later I popped back and asked how do I shake the bees into the box? Shake the branch, but to get the honeycomb, best to cut off the honeycomb from the branch. I was also advised to smoke the branch as that would remove the pheromones.

Secretts Farm used to have mainly green leaves, but I am pleased they are now diversifying. Lovely little cucumbers which are very tasty, as are their radishes. The tomatoes Pink Brandywine. Polish girl on their stall was a horticulturalist, had planted most of the crops and was able to tell me what they were.

Apple stall had a good selection of apples, Katy and Discovery. No plums. earlier yes, 100 punnets had gone by midday.

Late lunch at The Keystone. Excellent fish cakes and greenery. Pleasant sitting in their back courtyard, but very hot.

I was hoping they might do something for the Guildford Book Festival as last few years it has been an unmitigated disaster, but Kath said too late as programme already out. Says a lot for the organisation of the Guildford Book Festival and their use of social media as no mention on twitter.

It was tempting to go home, and sit in the shade, but I thought no, hop on the bus to Godalming and visit the coffee shop, Cafe Mila, that I found last week. But it did mean I was carrying there all my produce off the farmers market.

Guildford farmers market takes place on the first Tuesday of the month in the cobbled High Street in Guildford.

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