Afternoon in Godalming

Train to Guildford, wander up the High Street, back down via the market in North Street, lunch at The Keystone, then bus to Godalming.

Excellent lunch at The Keystone, tomato soup, followed by fish cakes with greenery.

Suggested to The Keystone that they do something during the Guildford Book Festival as the last few years the festival has been dire.

First time I have found the fishmonger open. I looked in, but he had very little fish.

In Godalming, there is a lovely second hand bookshop down a side street, unfortunately it closes at 4pm.

Further on there is a shop selling baskets, bags, pens, and selection of Christian books. A strange mix. I suggested a few books.

Something I have always found, if people love what they are doing, it shows, and they are always happy to talk about it.

Down another side street a record and music shop. I asked did he have anything Imogen Heap. He knew who I was talking about. He said no, as only a small shop and size limitations. But when she released a new album, yes.

I thought there were no coffee shops in Godalming. I have been corrected. There is one down a side street. I was told Café Mila is in Angel Gate (near What Not Antiques).

I went down a side street, passed What Not Antiques, but all I could find was a nursery and a school. I spotted a little path, almost hidden, walked along it and came out the other side of What Not Antiques. I saw an open door, inside tables and chairs, nothing to say what it was. I poked my head in and asked. Yes they were a coffee bar.

They were closed, but kindly showed me around. They closed at 5pm, we were chatting to 7pm!

The last bus back to Guildford 6-25pm.

I walked back through the town, then back along the river, then down a little alley to the station, half hour wait for a train, then another train at Guildford, then long walk home.

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