Save Kensal Rise Library

Save Kensal Rise Library - Paulo Coelho

Save Kensal Rise Library – Paulo Coelho

The decision is a symbol of cultural philistinism. It is sad to see this wonderful coalition of writers and artists has been unsuccessful in their campaign. — Denis MacShane MP

Only Nazis, fundamentalists and Oxfam Bookshops destroy books.

Only Philistines and the Taliban close libraries.

The UK has a budget deficit. It is not a problem, the UK can easily sustain it, in the long term, yes it should be reduced to zero. In the short term, with interest rates so low, we should actually be increasing public debt to invest in long term infrastructure projects.

The Bank of England has pumped money into the banks, which has flowed out of the banks to line the pockets of the rich.

If the budget deficit was the beginning of the end of the world, then the world would have already ended as under the ConDem Government, public deficit is growing.

The budget deficit is being used as an excuse for an ideological driven slash and burn of public services. The Nordic Countries have a higher public spend as a percentage of GDP. They enjoy a higher standard of living, better public services.

Part of the slash and burn of public services is to close Public Libraries. Those not closed are being put on reduced hours, it can then be used to justify future closures on the grounds that fewer people are using the libraries.

In Oxfordshire, around half of the county’s libraries were earmarked for closure.

Brent, a local council in London, wishes to close half of its libraries. This is strongly opposed by local people but the corrupt council refuses to even talk to local people.

In Brent, one of the libraries earmarked for closure is Kensal Rise.

Kensal Rise Library was opened by Mark Twain in 1900.

Opposition to its closure is widespread, and this includes writers Alan Bennett, Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Pullman, Zadie Smith and Paulo Coelho.

Local people blockaded Kensal Rise to stop the council stripping it of books. The council arrived with police reinforcements, not only stripped out the books, but also the 1930s murals and the plaque commemorating the opening by Mark Twain.

There is currently outside the Kensal Rise Library a pop up library.

Local people have offered to run the library to keep it open, but even that has been rejected out of hand.

Kensal Rise is currently for sale.

What we are seeing in Brent is endemic across the country, corrupt and uncountable local councils, in bed with developers. Local budgets are cut, but junkets and waste continue.

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has had several junkets to Frankfurt, has connived in the destruction of both Aldershot and Farnborough.

East Hams Council rubber-stamped an unwanted Costa Coffee shop in Totnes.

Lincoln City Council sold off The Lawn.

Top Story in Susan’s Speculations (Friday 31 August 2012).

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