Strange objects in the garden

bees scavenging a fallen honeycomb for honey

bees scavenging a fallen honeycomb for honey

I was mowing the grass this morning before the heavy rains swept in, when I spotted what I thought was slices of melon lying in the grass, covered in ants, as I got nearer, covered in wasps.

As I drew closer I found it was neither, it was slices of honeycomb (or what appeared to be slices), covered in bees.

I thought remove to the compost heap, then thought better of it, as I did not wish to be attacked by the bees.

The bees warned me off, but once they got used to me, they left me alone.

I had to be careful, as they were not only on the honeycomb, they were also on the grass.

I was baffled where it had come from. I looked up in the trees, could not see anything. Then there, on an overhanging branch, OMG, a large bee colony hanging down.

If it fell on my head, I would not be covered in bees, I would be covered in honey and bees. Not good.

The colony is hanging very precariously, hanging from two branches, which are independent of each other, and moving independently of each other.

The pieces of honeycomb must have not long fallen, as I noticed when I had finished what I was doing in the garden, there was only a handful of bees left. They must have been scavenging the honey out of the fallen honeycomb.

What to do with the honeycomb?

When I was in Istanbul, I noticed on the first evening what I thought was cake. Next morning when I came down to breakfast I saw that it was a large block of honeycomb with honey oozing out onto the plate. People cut chunks off to eat for breakfast.

What to do with the colony?

Bees are dying off. This colony is thriving. They would make ideal breeding stock. I will have to see if I can find any interested bee keepers who would be interested in a colony of bees.

A friend used to keep bees, but all his bees died off. I see a bee keeper at Guildford farmers market, but will not see her until Tuesday of next week (first Tuesday of the month). Locally monks keep bees, or at least they used to, but they are a miserable bunch.

Early in the spring, I had big fat colourful bumblebees in my garden. Never before a colony of bees. Next thing I will have bears climbing the tree after the honey.

Synchronicty: This morning I had an e-mail inviting me to go on a bee walk!

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