Fundamentalist Christian bookshops

If a Muslim bookshop is selling fundamentalist literature, there is quite rightly a public outcry, they may even find they are arrested and charged under terrorist legislation.

Why then not the same outcry when Christian bookshops are guilty of peddling fundamentalist, hate filled literature?

I was in a Christian bookshop today in Guildford, they have undergone yet another name change, in Quarry Street opposite St Mary’s Church.

On the counter was a newspaper with a front page story and headline lies being told on Syria. Curious I pocked it up and could not believe what I was reading,

Apparently we in the West are lying or being lied to and Assad was loved by the people of Syria.

I guess that is why they take to the street in peaceful protest even though they risk being killed by thugs allied to Assad, a man happy to massacre his own people in a desperate attempt to cling on to power.

I told the woman in the shop she was a disgrace to be peddling this garbage.

The newspaper was published by an Evangelical Alliance.

Why are the called Evangelists? Why not a little honest and call a spade a spade? in this case Christian Fundamentalists, no better than the Taliban.

Why they would to push propaganda on behalf of Assad I am at a loss.

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