Walking along the River Wey from Guildford to Godalming

River Wey at Guildford

River Wey at Guildford

Train to Guildford, lunch at The Keystone, then spend the afternoon in Godalming.

Well that was the intention when I set out earlier today. I might even find a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a book I seem destined never to finish. I was introduced to the book by a Swedish girl on Mykonos. That summer, and the next few summers, I started to read, but never finished. More recently my copy has vanished, or at least I cannot find it.

Last year a Hungraian friend was reading it by thre River Wey. Good book I told her and we went off to lunch.

I picked up another copy. Last week I started reading. I got as far as page 32 and found it then jumped to page 65!

Hence trying to find yet another copy, so far no luck.

Plans for lunch at The Keystone were put on hold when I found it full of business people. I wandered off and came back an hour later. Now lovely and quiet. Tomato soup followed by a couple of fish cakes with greenery and a half pint of Alton Pride (which was unpleasantly bitter).

I would usually catch a bus to Godalming and come back by bus of train. It was a pleasant day. I decided I would walk there along the River Wey. I had no idea how far it was or how long it would take me. Maybe a couple of hours.

I did not know whether I was being over ambitious or simply foolhardy.

I set off at 3-30pm, past Alice reading to her sister on the river bank.

Past where the North Downs Way crosses the River Wey and a little stream flows out of the chalk and into the river.

Drunken yobs passed by in a boat going far to fats, large bow wave and wash from the boat, noise from engine being pushed to hard. What is it with these morons? The whole idea of being on the river is to sail along slowly, take in the countryside, enjoy the peace and quiet.

There were quite a few people on the river. I was surprised the idiots did not overturn a boat or swamp with their wash.

At St Catherine Lock I though maybe half way. Unfortunately not. A sign post said Guildford 1 mile, Godalming 3 miles. I was a quarter of the way with three-quarters yet to go.

I had a rest on the lock gates.

Watching people operate lock gates is always fun as they rarely have a clue. Trying to push the gates hard is hard work, if you let the gates go at their own pace, relatively easy.

All the locks, or at least the weirs, have hydroelectric power generators. A good idea, except it means an ugly green box.

After two hours, no sign of Godalming, no idea how far to go.

Fifteen minutes short of three hours I arrived at Godalming Wharf. A short distance further and I emerged in Godalming at the Town Bridge.

I had a rest on a seat by the river. Then carried on walking along the river until I got to the Railway Station.

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