Slowly slowly slowly the long grass gets cut

cutting the long grass in the garden

cutting the long grass in the garden

Down on my hands and knees, slowly, slowly, slowly the long grass gets cut. Sometimes a few feet, sometimes several feet.

Today was a good day, ten feet or more, though hard work when 24C or more and rising. By mid-afternoon, 29C, maybe 30C. Luckily I was in the shade and their was a strong breeze blowing.

Usually I mix long grass cutting with other work in the garden, variety makes it less tiring, but today only long grass cutting.

Hard work. The more I cut, the more grass to then be mowed.

It takes at least two passes. Cut the long grass one day, then the next day or following days, cut what looks like a roughly mown meadow, then can be mown, though still hard work. Once mown a few times, relatively easy work with the lawn mower.

The long grass gets piled up on the compost heap. One reason for cutting a little every day, apart from hard work, is it gives the compost heap time to digest, and can be mixed with garden waste, household waste and paper.

Along the top, pieces of bramble which help to hold it together, though it seems to manage well enough without.

Blackcurrants in the garden from the brambles. Hazel nuts on the hazel bushes, though I do not think I will get to eat any as every day squirrels come along and steal them.

Sweetcorn is growing, as are tomato plants, but neither are doing very well.

There were peas and broad beans, but these got smothered by weeds. Runner beans got eaten by slugs and snails.

Patches in the grass. I keep sowing grass seed, but either poor quality grass seed or eaten by the fat pigeons, as I never see any grass appearing.

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